Race Human
Class Warrior

Alistair is a Gray Warden that accompanies you on your journey to end the Blight.


Alistair is a trained Templar and possesses many skill sets, both in and out of combat. You are first introduced to Alistair in Ostagar by Duncan, where you partake in the joining ritual. This involves you traveling through The Wilds on your search for vials of Darkspawn blood with him at your side (you are also accompanied by Daveth and Ser Jory.)

It is possible for female characters to romance with Alistair. He should offer the gift of a rose. Accepting it should give you the trophy/achievement "First Knight."


[edit] Strategy

Alistair usually fulfills a 'tank' role in the majority of parties. The tank's role is usually to initially attract the attention of enemies and take the majority of the damage while doing so. To help, tanks in general should always have the best equipment available.

It is advised to give Alistair the best armour in the party because enemies attack companions based on the quality of their armour. It is recommended that Alistair is given a weapon and shield, to help increase his defense and allow him to take more damage.

[edit] Gifts and Approval

Alistair is an upstanding gentleman who believes in goodness and chivalry. If you perform actions that benefit others, including the needy, he will always approve. Any actions that put people at risk, hurt innocents, or aid Maleficars (apostates and hedge wizards) will earn disapproval.

[edit] Gifts

Alistair is fascinated by magic, even though he was raised to fight it. Gifts such as runes, mystical carved statues (including demonic shaped ones) will earn his highest approval. You may find items like white runestones and carved demonic statues for instance, which he will really like. With the Feastday Gifts & Pranks DLC, you can gave Alistair the Warden Puppet for +50 Approval points.

[edit] Epilogue

There are numerous ways Alistair can finish:

If the player has acquired Alistair's love, he will stay among the Gray Wardens ranks, only to leave his partner's side to commemorate Duncan.


[edit] Quotes

  • "You think we have better things than to gossip about you? You give us too much credit." (then rapidly) "Is it true or not?"
  • "Yes, swooping is bad..." (One of the, if not the, most known comments in the game)

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