Arcane Warrior

The Arcane Warrior specialisation turns a mage into a combination mage and warrior, able to wear heavy and high level armour while still casting spells. The first skill in the Arcane Warrior tree allows the mage to wear armour using their Magic attribute in lieu of Strength to determine which armors they can wear. Arcane Warriors can be built to tank while doing magic.

[edit] Unlocking Arcane Warrior

Location of arcane warrior unlock.jpg
The Arcane Warrior specialisation cannot be learnt from any party members or purchased through vendors. It must be unlocked in the Brecilian Ruins. There is a room in the East side of the Lower Ruins in which you will see an Alter. If you hold Tab while in the room you will see that there is a Phylactery there. Touch the Phylactery gem and converse with it.

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