Berrick in redcliffe.jpg
Race Elf

Berrick is an elf warrior spending his time in the Redcliffe tavern. When the Warden meets Berrick he appears shifty and nervous, and questioning him will reveal that he was hired by someone to keep tabs on the Redcliffe castle. It turns out that this "someone" is Loghain, although Berrick does not appear to know why he was sent to keep an eye on the castle, except to see if anything changes.

The Warden can choose to attack Berrick or force him to join the defense of the town against the nightly attacks. If Berrick joins the militia he fights alongside the townsmen during the attack.

[edit] Other

  • If the Warden speaks to Bella first, he/she may inquire about the "elf sitting in the corner" and learn that his name is Berrick. Knowing Berrick's name unsettles him during the conversation with the Warden.
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