Blood Mage

Blood Mage
Type Mage
Effects +2 Constitution
+2 Spellpower

A Blood Mage is a mage that practices the dark rites. This type of magic was originally employed via Demons teaching humans magic. In order for a Mage to use Blood Magic he or she must be willing to sacrifice either their own or anothers life force in order to wield this deviant. Blood Mages are a specialisation of Mage features in Dragon Age: Origins.

Despite this practice being outlawed throughout Ferelden, the Grey Wardens occasionally use to to fight the Darkspawn blight. One can confirm this when talking with Duncan on the Mage Origin.

[edit] Spells

Blood Magic
Fatique: 5%
For as long as this mode is active, the caster sacrifices health to power spells instead of expending mana, but effects that heal the blood mage are much less effective than normal.
Blood Sacrifice
Range: Medium
Activation: 0
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 12
The blood mage sucks the life-force from an ally, healing the caster but potentially killing the ally. This healing is not affected by the healing penalty of Blood Magic.
Blood Wound
Range: Medium
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 14
This spell causes all those in the specified vacinty blood to boil causing severe and critical damage. The after effects cause the inflicted to stand twitching, unless they have undergone a physical resistance check. Those whom are bloodless are immune to this spell.
Blood Control
Range: Medium
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 40s
Requires: Level 16
The mage controls the blood of the targets body, making the inflicted an ally of the Blood Mage unless theyhave passed a mental resistance check. However if they avoid the spell, they still take critical damage from the manipulation of blood. Bloodless creatures are immune to this.

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