Cleanse Area

Cleanse Area
Type Templar
Effect Type Activated
Range Personal
Activation 40
Cooldown 30s
Requires Level 9
Description The templar removes all magic from the surrounding area and thus removes all dispellible effects in the immediate vacinity. Friendly fire is possible.

Cleanse Area is a talent that is accessable through the Templar Specialization. When used, it effects a 10 m radius around the user and takes only 1 second to conjure. Upon being hit with this attack, 3 additional threats are generated on the enemy.

[edit] Tactics

Using Cleanse Area is perfect if you want to remove any spells of buffs in the nearby area, although you remove ally gyphs you also remove enemy buffs and debuffs. This ability holds no effect over your character thus makes it impossible to remove any effects you have activated. However if another Templar uses it all your effects are removed.

[edit] Trivia

  • Activation base in is Stamina and the value varies with Fatigue percentile.
  • The Templar using this talent remains uneffected.
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