Dalish Elves

Dalish Elves are one of two types of Elves in Ferelden. Unlike the City Elves, the Dalish are nomadic wanderers who travel the forests of Ferelden. They value their freedom and their lore, and look down upon the city elves, whom they believe have lost touch with their Elvish roots. The consider themselves to be the "true Elves".

Dalish are hunters and gatherers, especially adept at archery. They ride horse like beasts known as the Halla, which are revered more as treasured companions than simple steeds.

The Dalish have a strained relationship with the humans of Ferelden. Twice in the history of the Dalish the humans have tried to exterminate them, and the Dalish view the humans with hostility.

Many Dalish sport tribe like tattoos on their face and upper bodies.

[edit] Lore

Although the Dalish value their lore and history, they know little of their true origins. Their history only dates back a certain time, and even the most wise of the Dalish have very little knowledge of the artifacts and history of the elven people. In a sense, the Dalish are as far remove from their ancestral lore as the city elves are of what little lore the Dalish still retain.

[edit] Customs

Dalish perform funeral services for their dead. They bury their dead and plant a tree over the gravesite, so that new life may spring forth from death.

The Dalish value their young and consider them precious beyond even their history and lore. Given the choice between losing a young member of their community and retrieving valuable artifacts from a nearby cave, the Dalish choose to safeguard their young.

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