Holy Smite

Holy Smite
Type Templar
Effect Type Activated
Range Medium
Activation 70
Requires Level 15
Description The Templar strikes with a righteous flame that deals spirit damage to the inflicted foe and other nearby enemies. If the foe is a spellcaster, they must pass a mental resistance check or they experience a loss in mana and spiritual damage that lies in proportion to the mana lost. All enemies that fail a physical resistance check in the affected areas are stunned or knocked back.

Holy Smite is one of the four talents accessable for the Templar Specialization. Upon activation is effects everything in a 5 m radius of the user. It also causes Spirit damage of (100.0 + Willpower) *0.2 to all hostile forces in the effected area. This stuns the target is they fail a Physical Resistance Check against Templar's willpower for 10.0 *(Target Rank Duration Modifier [TRDM]) sec. It knocks back other that also fail a physical resistance check against the willpower of the templar. It has a range of 25 m and a conjuring time of only 1 s. Use of this ability generates 7 additional threat on the target.

[edit] Trivia

  • Activation base is on that of Stamina and values vary with Fatigue percentile.
  • Spirit damage on the game is shown in purple.

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