Inquisition Emblem.png
Type Military / Political
Headquarters Skyhold (modern Inquisition)
Leaders First Inquisition

Modern Inquisition
The Inquisitor (Inquisitor)
Cullen (military)
Josephine Montilyet (political)
Leliana (espionage)
Ranks Inquisitor
Race Any
Location Ferelden
Appearances Dragon Age II (mentioned)
Dragon Age: Asunder (mentioned)
Dragon Age: Inquisition
"Into darkness, unafraid.” ―Old Inquisition motto

The first Inquisition was a group of people who rose up to help fight the dangers of magic and heretics in Thedas following the First Blight. It would later align itself with the Chantry and split in to two factions, forming the Seekers of Truth and the Templar Order.

In the year 9:41 Dragon the Inquisition was reformed under the orders of Divine Justinia V, to bring peace to Thedas should the Conclave between Mages and Templars fail to dissolve the Mage-Templar war. However following the cataclysmic event, called The Breach, the Inquisition formed with the intent of closing the Breach and ridding Ferelden and Orlais of the threat known as the Elder One.


[edit] Old Inquisition

In an age before the Divine Age and the establishment of the Chantry, Thedas was cast into chaos. After the end of the First Blight, the Tvinter Imperium had split apart following Andraste's March and despite the Maker's teachings, Blood Magics and the worship of Old Gods was rife. Thus the first Inquisition was established in -100 Ancient with the sole purpose of protecting people from the "tyranny of magic" no matter the form it took, from Blood Mages, Abominations, heretics, or cultists. The group would search out these threats and destroy them, maintaining what some describe as a reign of terror. Some others describe their reign as painted in a bad light in the history books due to their investigations and methods of executing justice, treating both mages and the common people equally when passing sentence, and this in turn angered some powerful groups already established in Thedas. In some of these records, it is suggested that the Inquistion was already the "Seekers of Truth" and that "The Inquisition" was just a moniker they worked under.

In the year 1:20 Divine, the Chantry found common cause with the Inquisition which led to the signing of the Nevarran Accord. Under this contract, the Inquisition would become the military arm of the Chantry, known as the Templar Order, with the more senior members of the Inquisition splitting to become members of the first "Seekers of Truth". Subsequently, this led to the creation of the Circle of Magi, with the Templars regulating the mages ensigned within.

The last leader of the Inquisition before this subsidization was Inquisitor Ameridan, who went missing shortly after the orders dissolution. He left to fight a powerful Dragon, who turned out to be the summoned immortal god Hakkon, summoned by the Jaws of Hakkon, on the orders of then current Emperor of Orlais, Drakon. Where he never returned from, suspended in time until saved by the modern Inquisition in an attempt to finally put Hakkon to rest.

[edit] Modern Inquisition

The inner-circle of the revived Inquisition
The modest beginnings of the modern Inquisition begin with the interrogation of Varric Tethras by Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast. The Inquisition was brought back in to favour when Divine Justinia V ordered it as a fail-safe should the negotiations at the conclave with the Chantry between the warring Templars and Mages not end in an agreed resolution. Justinia had hoped that should the Inquisition gain enough power, it could challenge the core tenants of the Chantry and allow equality for the mages. Before the establishment of the Inquisition however, Justinia, Cassandra and Leliana (the left and right arms of the Divine) searched for a leader, seeking out both the Hero of Ferelden and Hawke, however both had disappeared.

Following the catacylsmic event at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, called The Breach, and the death of Divine Justinia and many of who attended the conclave, Thedas fell in to chaos with the Breach threatening to consume everything. The writ ordering the re-establishment of the Insquisition was put into force by her hands, Cassandra and Leliana, declaring it reborn and independant of the Chantry. The Chantry responded to the Inquisition by denouncing it and claiming it as a heretical movement by outcasts and murderers, shielding The Inquisitor from facing judgement for the percieved murder of the Divine, and denouncing anyone believing The Inquisitor to be the Herald of Andraste, after they was witnessed emerging from the ruins of the Temple of Sacred Ashes mostly unharmed, froma rift in the Fade, and with help from a mysterious lady who many believe to be Andraste herself.

After aligning with or conscripting the Rebel Mages or the Templars, the Inquisitor is successful in sealing the Breach. However soon after, Haven, the current adhoc base of the Inquisition, is placed under attack by Corypheus. The Inquisitor manages to hold him off long enough for many members of the Inquisition to flee in to the mountains. Once they are safe the Inquisitor causes an avalanche wiping out most of army Corypheus brought with him, forcing him to flee. Once the Inquisitor has rejoined those who fled, Solas tells them of a place where the Inquisition can rebuild, safe from Corypheus, in a castle called Skyhold. Once there, the Inquisitor is formally made the leader of the Inquisition.

Later, the Inquisition leads an attack on the fortress Adamant against the Venatori magister Livius Erimond in order to stop him from binding Grey Warden mages to Corypheus, in effect allowing the darkspawn in control of an army of demons. In the aftermath of the Seige, the Inquisitor can either choose to ally with the surviving Grey Wardens or banish them from Orlais.

With the resolution of the War of the Lions, the empire of Orlais formally allies themselves with the Inquisition as they march toward the Arbor Wilds to finally purge their enemy, Corypheus, and the remainder of his army. However, Corpypheus returns to the Temple of Sacred Ashes in an attempt to re-open the Breach, forcing the Inquisitor to engage him without the support of the Orlesian army.

With the demise of Corypheus, the influence of the Inquisition spreads throughout all of Thedas and with them the balance of power shifts considerably, maybe even forever. It would then move on to uncover Titans that lie beneath the Deep Roads and the summoning of an Ancient Avvaran God.

[edit] Members

[edit] Leadership

  • The Inquisitor - the current leader of the modern Inquisition and the playable character in Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  • Josephine Montilyet - Ambassador of the Inquisition and in charge of maintaining the Inquisitions Connections
  • Cullen - Former member of the Templar Order and commander of the modern Inquisition's Forces'
  • Leliana - Former companion of the Hero of Ferelden and Bard, spymaster, collecting Secrets for the Inquisition, Inquisitions co-founder and former Left-Hand of Divine Justinia V.
  • Cassandra Pentaghast - Former member of the Seekers of Truth, Co-founder of the Inquisition, companion of the Inquisitor, and former Right-Hand of Divine Justinia V.

[edit] Notable Members

[edit] Irregulars

[edit] Hereldry

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