Race Human
Class Rogue

Leliana is a sister of the Chantry who joins you in Lothering. She was a former bard of Orlais and has skills worthy of a thief.

[edit] Gifts and Approval

In spite of Leliana's former occupation as a Bard, she believes in the good of the world and the power of atonement. She approves of actions involving helping the needy, forgiving those who are repentant, and honouring chivalry. She disapproves of wanton cruelty and flirting with other girls. The polar opposite of Morrigan, she is a romantic who believes in love and will approve of those who do as well.

[edit] Gifts

Leliana's special gift is Andraste's Grace, a white flower than can be found throughout Ferelden. She says it reminds her of her mother, whom she lost when she was young. The flower can be found near the Windmill in Redcliffe Village and in the Eastern Brecilian Forest. She also enjoys fine shoes, as this is fashion statement in Orlesian high society.

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