Race Human
Class Mage

Morrigan is an Apostate, or an "unregistered" mage, who specializes in Shapeshifting. She is also the daughter of Flemeth. By her mother's request, she joins your party to end The Blight.

[edit] Gifts and Approval

Morrigan is cold and practical, and does not believe in helping the weak. She will disapprove of any actions that appear to be a waste of time to help others. She also dislikes love and attachment. Do not tell her you love her, and in her presence do not help people or sidetrack from the main question.

[edit] Gifts

Morrigan has a quest gift in the form of Flemeth's Memoirs (found in the Circle Tower). She also enjoys fine jewelry such as pendents, necklaces, and bracelets.

  • Locket

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