Notable mods

This page highlights the most useful and/or interesting modifications to Dragon Age, ranging from in-game items to new areas. Also included is a lot of mods not yet complete, but which one day should prove highly popular.


[edit] Total Conversions

[edit] Models

  • Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors - This adds 48 new hair & eyebrow colors, 40 new skin tones and 30 new eye colors to the Character Creator and replaces the 11 eye colors originally shipped with DA:O. They are all ready for use in the ingame Character Creator and the DA:O Toolset.
  • Character Creator Extra Tints & Tones v1.3 - Adds extra skin tones, eye & hair colours to the in-game character creator. I've also added Morrigan's hair model & Duncan's & Oghren's hair\beard models. PC tatoos are now a more solid shade.
  • More Hairstyles - This mod adds new hairstyles available at character creation. Included are some of Ren's and idkrrr's hairstyles, as well as the Lady of the Forest hair.
  • Hairstyles, Hair Color, Skin Tones, Eye Colors - Combines above three mods into one. Be aware updates may not be included.
  • Trailer Edition - This mod attempts to make the PC, Morrigan, Sten and Leliana resemble their sacred ashes / warden's calling counterparts. This encompasses new headmorphs, armor and eventually hair.

[edit] Textures

  • Pretty in Pink - Changes the textures on the base female models from clunky grandma bras & panties to translucent white with lace edges. Racy. Fairly detailed. Puritans need not apply.

[edit] Campaigns

  • Baldur's Gate 2 Redux - Starting out with Irenicus' Dungeon, the BGR Team is recreating the beloved Baldur's Gate experience in the Dragon Age engine. A demo is now available via the link.
  • Gay Bar of Ferelden - This mod adds a gay bar, called the Bunkhouse, and a nearby village to the original campaign. The Bunkhouse is a tavern/inn/brothel that the player may purchase and operate after solving a few problems for the locals.
  • Fragments of Ferelden - A knight-errant is drawn onto the path of power and glory in the shattered remnants of Ferelden within the mysterious Labyrinth. A playable standalone module taking a solo character from level 1 to 9-11 over 3 hours of adventure.

[edit] Utilities

  • DATool: DA model manipulator - This is a tool for viewing and manipulating DA models. This tool allows you to easily browse, retexture and scale the available DA models. Planned future features include the ability to export the models.

[edit] Voice over

[edit] Gameplay

  • Character Respecialization - Allows the player to reset the attribute, specialization, spell, talent and skill points of any party members.
  • Auto Loot - ****** NOW - With Auto Loot Everything near me Skill ****** A "Simple" Auto Loot Mod - If you have enough inventory space all items will be added without opening the loot gui.
  • Forced Deathblows - A quick and simple mod that should force all melee kills to be "Deathblows", aka those nifty scripted hack-em-up sequences!
  • Advanced Tactics - This mod fix various bugs in tactics system, party members behaviors and AI. It enable new conditions and actions in the tactics system that give you the opportunity to configure your followers more precisely.
  • Nightmare Plus - If the regular Nightmare difficulty wasn't enough for you...

[edit] Items/weapons/armor

  • Camp storage chest - Spawns a simple storage chest at the party camp.
  • The Winter Forge - Fully customize your party equipement through a brand new craft skill giving you 249 new recipes to imbue your items with any magical property you desire, and through new installations at your camp allowing item material and color changes.
  • Helm Removal - Equipped helms are removed when out of combat and re-equipped automatically when entering a fight.
  • The Icons Project - Amazing, but Dragon Age is VERY... very very short on icons, from weapons, to armors and other items, the game repeats alot, and NEEDS alot more.. thats our goal here.

[edit] Characters

Ser Gilmore companion NPC - Fully Voiced - Upon arrival in Lothering you can find Ser Gilmore in front of the Chantry as a recruitable, fully voiced npc!

[edit] Scripting

  • Slap Morrigan - This a small light hearted modification that lets you slap Morrigan. Useful when she disapproves of you opting not to drown a bag of kittens. It overrides her main conversation with a new one adding the slap interaction.
  • Alistair Flirt Pack - This project will allow you to tell things to Alistair by clicking on him. Right now, Bioware left us two choices: "kiss him" and "lets go to bed"... the horror!

[edit] Mods to watch out for

  • Upgradeable party camp
  • Multi Player - My team and i are working on improving DA:O by adding coop play, followed by custom games that will allow people to host custom mods for their friends.
  • Dragon Age: The Deep Road - We have begun to gather a team for an ambitious project of creating a new Dragon Age campaign. Complete with its own Origin stories, and setting. The main idea is the campaign will revolve around Orzammar after the defeat of the Blight.
  • The Best Fantasy RPG never made - Since I'm sick of being creative, in order to learn the new toolset I'm creating a module using every goddamn cliche in the book. That means you'll play an orphan farmboy raised in a secluded mountain village that's burnt to the ground by the evil demon army. Little do they know, you're actually the harbinger of an unfolding prophecy foretold 1000 years ago. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Can you save it?

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