Orzamarr is an underground Dwarven city, and the home of Oghren. Upon first arrival, its populace is in a state of upheaval, torn between two potential kings after the death of King Aeducan.

The two potential kings are Bhelen Aeducan, the 3rd and youngest son of the former king, and Lord Harrowmont, the former King's closest advisor.

Orzammar is split up between different areas parallel to the Dwarven Caste system, specifically:

  • Dust Town: a decrepit part of Orzammar formerly used by nobility, but now home to the casteless Dwarves. Dust Town is the "slums" of Orzammar.
  • Diamond Quarter: the opposite of Dust Town, where the lords and ladies of the higher castes reside, and where one can find the Shaperate, the Assembly, and the Royal Palace.
  • Orzammar Commons: the main area of Orzammar where common folk are found and where all the Merchant Caste have their stalls and stores.

Part of the main storyline in Orzammar will take you through to the various areas listed above, as well as the Deep Roads, where several useful items such as Legion of the Dead armor and the Effort/Duty armor/helm combo.

[edit] Items

If you have Dog in your party in the Orzammar Commons, and ask him if he has found anything, he will find Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve - an ancient Dwarven vintage which can be gifted to Oghren for +6 approval.

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