Type Warrior
Effects +1 Constitution
+5 Physical Resistance
Description Demonic spirits teach more than blood magic. Reavers terrorize their enemies, feast upon the souls of their slain opponents to heal their own flesh, and can unleash a blood frenzy that makes them more powerful as they come nearer to their own deaths.

Reaver is a Specialization for the Warrior class. With it come several bonus' to constitution and physical resistance as well as 4 talents.


[edit] Unlocking

To unlock the Reaver specialization, during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest The Warden will meet a man called Kolgrim in the Mountainside Caverns. If not provoked he will give the warden a vial of blood which he can pour into Andrastade's ashes. Once the Gauntlet has been located and the blood poured into the ashes, take it back to Kolgrim and he will unlock the Reaver specialization.

It can also be purchased in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening from a bartender in The Crown and Lion in the City of Amaranthine

[edit] Recommendations

It is advised that before defiling Andrastade's ashes with the vial of blood, both Wynne and Lelianna are not recruited in your party. If they are they will attack you when the ashes are defiled, as will the Guardian who is exceptionally hard to fight, more so if it's just you and one other friend. However if Lelianna is hardened after her quest, she will not object.

Adding the vial of blood to the ashes will cause Lelianna to leave your party. You can persuade or lie to her if she wasn't in the party when the quest was being carried out. However she will experience a hit in approval, but this can be easily coutered with gifts and charitable actions.

If one does not want to suffer and consequences of tainting Andraste's Ashes then they can pour the blood into the Urn, take it back to Kolgrim. By returning to any saved file before meeting Kolgrim for the first time will unlock the reaver specialization.

There is also a compentant way to unlock the reaver and keep both Wynne and Lelianna without having to talk to them:

  • Defiling the ashes before the Broken Circle quest is completed.
  • Don't allow Lelianna to see the warden accepting the quest or be there when the ashes are being defiled.
  • After tainting the ashes leave the cave and return to the Tower of Magi. After beating Uldred. Head back down to the lower level and when Wynne asks to join you, refuse.
  • Talk to Wynne and allow her into your party. Then travel to the party's camp when Wynne is meant to talk to you and she doesn't. Then talk to Lelianna who won't talk because Wynne is supposed to first, thus being able to complete the quest without repercussions.

[edit] Notable Reavers

[edit] Talents

DevourIcon.png Devour Activated
Range: Personal
Activation: 25
Cooldown: 30s
The Reaver revels in death and lingers off the energy emited by nearby corpses. Each partially restore the reaver's health.
FrighteningAppearanceIcon.png Fightening Appearance Activated
Range: Personal
Activation 25
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 12
This talent focuses the Reaver’s unsettling countenance into a weapon, making a target cower in fear unless it passes a mental resistance check. Frightening Appearance also increases the effectiveness of Taunt and Threaten.
AuraofPainIcon.jpg Aura of Pain Sustained
Upkeep: 60
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 45s
Requires: Level 14
The reaver eminated an aura of intense pain, they take on spirit damage while this is activated but so do nearby enemies.
ReaverIcon.png Blood Frenzy Sustained
Upkeep: 60
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 60s
Requires: Level 16
Controlled by pain, the reaver gains large bonuses to damage whenever their health decreases. Because this conpromises their health regeneration, the reaver flirts with death the longer the mode is used.

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