Sha-Brytol Faction Banner.jpg
Type Military / Religious
Headquarters The Wellspring
Leaders Unknown
Ranks Shadow
Races Dwarf
Locations Forgotten Caverns
Bastion of the Pure
The Wellspring
Quests The Descent
Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent
Sha-Brytol are a religious and military faction that appear in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition. They are a group of an ancient sect of Dwarves that ceded from those in the Deep Roads and live in seclusion.

[edit] History

Not much is known about the Sha-Brytol, such as how they formed or who their leader is, all that is currently known is they protect the Titans, entities known to pre-date even the Dwarven race and the appearance of the Darkspawn, and considered to be the first children of the Stone. According to Valta they are misguided and have strayed from their true purpose. In order for one to become a member of the Sha-Brytol, a Dwarf must drink from the blood of the Titan, Lyrium, and wear armor with lyrium woven in to it so to allow the armor to fuse with flesh of the wearer. They protect anyone from entering the titans who they deem "impure."

[edit] Involvement

In the Inquisition's search to find the source of the mysterious tremors, their journey took them to a place below even the reach of the Deep Roads, and whilst navigating the dark caverns that they discovered, they quickly found they were not alone. Renn demands that the entities reveal themselves, and is shot with a projectile weapon of the Sha-Brytol and is killed as a result. They reveal themselves to be armed with mechanised weaponry and lyrium-infused armor. A fight ensues to which the Sha-Brytol lose. After the fight, Valta grieves the loss of her close friend, but examines the corpses of the Sha-Brytol and determines them to be Dwarves. The company continue on without Renn, and along the way find lyrium engravings in the Caverns walls, similar to that of Orzammar's memories.

As the company delve deeper in to the caves, they are met with waves of Sha-Brytol resistance, until they come upon something completely unprecedented, a large cavern, equipped with its own ecosystem and civilisation. It is deduced this is the base location of the Sha-Brytol, and at the center of this cavern is a large lump of lyrium, connected to the untapped veins. Valta credits this to be the source of all the quakes felt in the Deep Roads and on the surface. Again, the Sha-Brytol try to stop their advances but are quickly dispatched by the Inquisition. Once they reach the shine at the center, which homes the large structure of lyrium, a guardian appears and blasts Valta with a burst of pure lyrium.

[edit] Codex Entries

Codex Entry.png Codex entry: Sha-Brytol

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