Race Qunari
Class Warrior

Sten is a Qunari that landed on Lake Calenhad with several of his Qunari brothers. They were ambushed in the night and killed, only Sten survived. After losing his sword in the battle Sten came upon a farm and strangled the farmers to death in rage. He was then captured and put in a cage outside Lothering, where the player may release him, thus making him a companion.

[edit] Gifts and Approval

Sten is a quiet person who believes in quick action. He does not believe in helping the weak and will disapprove of anything that wastes time from the main mission of stopping the Darkspawn. Performing actions of mercy and compassion in his company will earn his disapproval.

[edit] Gifts

Sten has an appreciation for paintings and tribal items. Appreciation of paintings is a Qunari cultural quirk.

Locations of some gifts:

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