Type Warrior
Effects +2 Magic
+3 Mental Resistance
Description Mages who refuse the Circle's control become apostates and live in fear of a templar's powers- the ability to dispel and resist magic. As servants of the Chantry, the templars have been the most effective means of controlling the spread and use of arcane power for centuries.

Templar is a Specialization for the Warrior class. The Templar's specialized talents can be used to fight resistant mages.


[edit] Order of Templars

The Order of the Templars is a militia under the control of the Chantry and exist to seek out and kill apostates and maleficers. They also reside Tower of Magi and watch over the Circle of Magi. However, their prodominant role within the tower is during the Harrowing, during which the Templar watches over the mage incase they succumb to demonic possession, poised to kill if such an event were to arise. In order to enhance their control over mages, they are immune to magic and can inhabit spellcasting. Templars follow a Knight Commander and each circle and chantries throughout Thedas are assigned one.

Templars also hold access to the Right of Annulment. This parchment gives the templars the right to kill every mage within the circle that they protect. This 'right' would be used in such an occasion where chaos arose in the tower and if the mages have a 0% chance of survival. The Warden may use this during the Broken Circle mission.

Templars are renown for having an addiction to Lyrium, due to it being used to aid their anti-magic skills and, unofficially, used by the chantry as a means of control over the templars. If a Templer were to go without Lyrium for a prolonged period of time, they can start experiencing hallucinations.

[edit] Unlocking

This specialization can be unlocked if Alistair'sapproval rating reaches a certain level. Alternatively Bodahn Feddic sells you a manual that can unlock the Templar specialization.

[edit] Notable Templars

[edit] Exclusive Items

MassiveArmorIcon.png Templar Armor
MassiveArmorIcon.png Knight Commander's Plate
MassiveArmorIcon.png Armor of the Divine Will

[edit] Talents

RighteousStrikeIcon.png Righteous Strike Passive Templars are engineered specifically for the dominance and protection of mages. Each of a templar's melee blows to an enemy reduces their spellcasting mana.
CleanseAreaIcon.png Cleanse Area Activated
Range: Personal
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 9
The templar removes all magic from the surrounding area and thus removes all dispellible effects in the immediate vacinity. Friendly fire is possible.
MentalFortressIcon.png Mental Fortress Passive
Requires: Level 12
The Templar has been trained to focus on his mission, meanwhile they gain an enhanced mental resistance.
HolySmiteIcon.png Holy Smite Activated
Range: Medium
Activation: 70
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 15
The Templar strikes with a righteous flame that deals spirit damage to the inflicted foe and other nearby enemies. If the foe is a spellcaster, they must pass a mental resistance check or they experience a loss in mana and spiritual damage that lies in proportion to the mana lost. All enemies that fail a physical resistance check in the affected areas are stunned or knocked back.

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