The Stone Prisoner


The Stone Prisoner was one of two downloadable content packages released with the game on its launch, the other being Warden's Keep. The quest is triggered by talking to Felix de Grosboise, a human merchant along Sulcher's Pass in Ferelden. Felix will give you the tools needed to activate a Golem, by the name of Shale, in the southern village of Honnleath. The deal is arranged in a way to simply relieve Felix of the possible burden of the Control Rod for the Golem, he also provides you with a password, thought to activate the Golem, dulef gar.

However, upon arriving in the village, you discover that it has been over-run by Darkspawn. After defeating the Darkspawn, travel along the path to the left of the entrance to the village and you should encounter more Darkspawn and see the Golem frozen in place. When you initiate a cut-scene with the Golem, you realize that the password and control rod given to you will not wake the Golem.

In order to unfreeze the Golem, enter the house in in the upper right corner and a new quest will begin. During the quest, you will find some backstory on Shale and be tasked with rescuing the daughter of the son of the Golem's old master. After finding the daughter and returning to the father, you will be given a valid password to waken the Golem. Return outside to the courtyard area and initiate a second cut-scene with the Golem. At this point, Shale should awaken and you have an option of taking him as a companion for the rest of the game.

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