Tranquil Proprietor

Merchant inside Wonders of Thedas

Notable Items:

  • Wintersbreath (31G Tier 7 Dragonbone staff, Spellpower 7, +25% Cold Resistance, +3 Spellpower, +10% Cold Damage, Radiates Cold)
    • Not to be mistaken for Winter's Breath, another Tier 7 Dragonbone staff. Winter's Breath has same stats except it is +15% Cold damage and doesn't have the +3 to spellpower.
  • Reaper's Vestments (92G Clothing, +6 constitution, +20% fire resistance, +16% spell resistance, +10% chance to dodge attacks, +12 armor
  • Ring of Ages (76G +20% resistance to fire, cold, electricity, nature, and spirit)
  • Grandmaster Paralyze Rune (Chance to paralyze)
  • Grandmaster Flame Rune (+5 fire damage)
  • Ancient Map of Imperium (36Silver Gift that seems to have +6 approval for everyone)
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