Varathorn is the craft master of the Dalish elves in the Brecilian Forest. He serves as a merchant in the Dalish elf camp.

[edit] Ironbark Quest

Rewards: Excellent bow, good breastplate, or both (with persuasion)

Varathorn makes mention of a rare type of wood in the Brecilian forest called Ironbark. Ironbark is a blue tinted wood that Varathorn uses to make the highest quality weapons he can. However, Zathrian, the Keeper of the clan, has forbidden anyone from going into the forest, so Varathorn would be without crafting materials "for days". He asks the Warden to find some for him.

The Ironbark is easily found early in the Eastern Brecilian forest, and when you return to Varathorn he offers to craft a breastplate or a bow. If you have the persuasion skill you may ask him to craft both, and at first he refuses, but then offers to make them if you remind him that he would not have any wood at all were it not for you.

The items are:

  • WolfKiller (Ironbark) Tier 5
    • Requires 28 dexterity
    • 8.4 damage
    • 1.4% critical chance
    • 7.2 armor penetration
    • Range: 42
    • +4 against undead
    • +8 against werewolves
  • Varathorn's Armor (Silverite) Tier 6
    • Requires 30 strength
    • 8.92 armor
    • 8.75 fatigue
    • +3 armor
    • +25 stamina
    • +20% nature resistance

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