Race Human
Class Mage

Wynne is a Spirit Healer from the Circle of Magi, focusing her magical ability to restore spirits from The Fade.

Wynne is a highly respected member of the Circle and loathes Apostates. She believes that the power of magic is a gift and should only be used responsibly. While the chance of possession isn't relatively large, the fear is a real one and Wynne does remind her apprentices of this regularly. Commonly in the past Abominations from The Fade have inhabited a mage's body, turning them into Abominations themselves. Understandably, Wynne and Morrigan don't see eye to eye on magic-related topics.

[edit] Gifts and Approval

Wynne disapproves of Morrigan and will react accordingly based on your relationship with the wild witch. She also has an appreciation for books - give her all books for highest approval.

Previously, Wynne was offered the position of First Enchanter at the Circle Tower but refused, expressing she had no interest in a higher position. Eventually, rumours circulated about King Cailan's army meeting at Ostagar; when it came to the Circle's interests, Wynne was first on the volunteer list.

[edit] Strategy

Wynne is very well trained when it comes to combat, especially with healing. However, if you wish to use her mystical powers to specifically deal heavy damage to your foes, you may want to make her an Arcane Horror or Spirit Healer/Blood Mage.

  • Arcane Horror

Equip Wynne with medium level armour and complete all tiers of the Arcane Warrior specialization. Set up this way, she'll deal respectable damage while taking a small amount herself.

  • Spirit Healer/Blood Mage

One of the great things about Wynne being a Blood Mage/Spirit Healer is she can cast harmful spells, deactivate Blood Magic, and then heal her/team mates effectively giving her infinite health.

[edit] Epilogue

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