A Cry in the Dark

A Cry in the Dark
Location Deep Roads - Expedition Table
Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent
A Cry in the Dark is an Expedition operation available from the expedition table in the Deep Roads in the Dragon Age: Inquisition downloadable content, The Descent.


[edit] Acquisition

Available after the completion of The Descent.

[edit] Operation

Inquisition scouts supporting Legion of the Dead forces at the ruins of Heidrun Thaig report no contact with––––or sightings of––––Shaper Valta. However, a strange cry recently emanated from the Titan caverns, loud enough to be heard at the mining lift's campsite above. The cry's source remains unclear, but the voice was described as not belonging to either beast or darkspawn. Shaper Valta may be attempting to reestablish contact with her people––––and may require assistance.

[edit] Advisor Options


The situation may be best handled by Orzammar itself. Let us ask the king to send forces from the Legion of the Dead to search for Shaper Valta.


Given the inherent dangers getting in and out of that location, a small reconnaissance team is best suited to search for Shaper Valta without attracting unwanted attention.


This seems like a fool's errand, but perhaps a joint team from the Inquisition and the Legion of the Dead can determine source of this cry with minimal risk.

[edit] Result

A search of the Titan caverns all the way to Shaper Valta's last known location turned up nothing but a few small groups of Sha-Brytol, who were quickly dispatched. Valta seems to have disappeared deeper inside the Titan, but she was not the only one who has vanished. The grave site of Lieutenant Renn was recently disturbed, and his remains are missing. It is not known who took his body or why. There have been no more cries from the Titan caverns.

Inquisition scouts reported one final discovery: The tunnel to the Wellspring no longer exists. Attempts to delve into the blank rock face result only in broken tools and little trace on the stone itself. Somewhat nervously––––but emphatically––––the engineers recommend leaving it be.

[edit] Rewards

  • None
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