Bastion of the Pure Excavation

Bastion of the Pure Excavation
Location Deep Roads - Expedition Table
Unlocks Bastion of the Pure Ore Harvesting
Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent
Bastion of the Pure Excavation is an Expedition operation available from the expedition table in the Deep Roads in the Dragon Age: Inquisition downloadable content, The Descent.


[edit] Acquisition

Locate and unlock the expedition in Bastion of the Pure in the Deep Roads.

[edit] Operation

The Inquisition has identified a location in the Forgotten Caverns where a construction team could clear a collapsed tunnel to grant access to an unexplored cave in the Bastion of the Pure.

[edit] Advisor Options

Connections - Power Cost: 10

I could negotiate with Mining Case in Orzammar for carts to clear rock from the tunnel even faster.

Secrets - Power Cost: 10

Sappers may know as much about clearing rubble as about creating it. I can send one to advise the construction team.

Power - Power Cost: 10

A little hard work hauling rubble will be a good team-building exercise for our newest squads.

[edit] Result

The construction team has finished clearing a tunnel that will allow Inquisition forces to explore an uncharted cave in the Bastion of the Pure.

[edit] Rewards

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