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Race Human Female

Bella is a redheaded serving girl at the tavern in Redcliffe. She works for Lloyd, the tavern owner, and complains about him. As a male Warden, you have the option of flirting with her and offering to take her away from Redcliffe.

[edit] After Walking Dead

After you help repel the walking dead attack at night, you can return to the tavern to see how Bella fares. If the Warden had convinced Lloyd to fight for the town and he perishes, Bella finds herself running the tavern and allows the Warden to take anything he wants from the tavern's stores. The Warden can also offer to pay money to Bella to help her leave the tavern if he had previously offered to take her away. If you offer her 100 silvers (1gold) she says she'll end up broke somewhere. If you offer her 500silvers (5 gold) she decides to go to Denerim to start a new life, and says she'll repay you somehow.

[edit] Other

  • The Warden may ask Bella about an elf sitting in the tavern, and she reveals his name is Berrick.

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