Type Berserker
Type Effect Sustained
Upkeep 20
Fatigue 5%
Cooldown 30s
Description The smell of blood and death sends the berserker into a willfull fury which provides them with bonus damage. Rage can induce penalties to stamina regeneration that constraint can reduce. Resiliance adds to health bonuses in when coupled with this talent.

Berserk is one of the talents available for the Berserker Specialization. The smell of blood maims the berserker into a willing fury, with it they gain a bonus of 8 to damage dealt and an additional 10 to mental resistance. However it does prove detrimental to other attributes, while this talent is active the user experiences -3.0 to stamina regeneration. When coupled with Constraint it adds +2/+4 to Stamina Regeneration. Resiliance +1.5/+3 to health regeneration and +5 Nature resistance when used in conjuction with Berserk. It has a conjuration time of 2s, however this can be made shorter is the character moves after casting.

[edit] Trivia

  • Upkeep is in Stamina
  • With the Stamina penalty, and without the Stamina bonuses, you as a player will lose stamina.
  • The talent automatically deactivates itself after combat.
  • It can be used as a ranged weapon if activated with a melee weapon equiped.

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