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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

The Darkspawn are twisted and dark creatures that reside in the Deep Roads. They spend their exceptionally short lives digging in search for one of the Old Gods to expose to their taint and convert them into an Archdemon. Once the conversion has taken place, under the leadership of the newly created Archdemon, the Darkspawn take to the surface and attack in a Blight.

The horde of the Darkspawn are all interconnected to one another through the taint, and it allows them to talk to each other and for the Archdemon to talk to them. Their minds act as a hive, much in a fashion similar to what can be found in an ant colony. High ranking Darkspawn, such as Emissiaries and Alphas, can influence smaller groups of the horde, but it is, however, the Archdemon who is the only one powerful enough to control them all entirely.

After ground has been overrun by the Darkspawn, it soon becomes corrupt and decayed, a diseased place in which the creatures that reside there have become twisted and morphed by the power of the taint. If creatures were to come in close or frequent contact with infected places or the Darkspawn itself, they are exposed to the taint and can consequently become diseased themselves. Creatures such as Blight Wolves and Ghouls came to be through such effects. These tainted creature have a limited life span to such an extent that they can be measured in months.

[edit] Origin

Their origins are unknown, but the Chantry teaches that the first darkspawn were the mages of the Tevinter Imperium. The story goes on to say that they sought to usurp the Golden City, where the Maker used to reside. To punish their sin, the Maker turned the Golden City black, and twisted the forms of the mages. These were the first darkspawn.

The Dwarves do not believe as such, but they themselves have provided no story as to their origin. According to the Dwarven empire, the Darkspwn simply appeared. the Darkspawn hordes attacked the Deep Roads, crippling the once proud empire, leaving only Orzammer and Kal-Sharok. Kal-Sharok was, until recently, isolated from the world.

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