Disaster in the Deep Roads (Operation)

Disaster in the Deep Roads (Operation)
Location Skyhold - War Table
Next The Descent
Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Descent
Disaster in the Deep Roads (Operation) is a war table scouting operation in the Dragon Age: Inquisition downloadable content, The Descent.


[edit] Acquisition

This operation can be acquired by entering Skyhold.

[edit] Operation Text

The Inquisition has received an urgent request for aid from Orzammar. A subterranean earthquake has collapsed one of their lyrium mines and endangered several others. Even worse, tunnel seals preventing darkspawn from overrunning the dwarven-occupied Deep Roads have crumbled, allowing hordes of the enemy to invade.

Orzammar is a key provider of the Inquisition's lyrium supplies, and as such, its security is a top priority. The earthquake opened a fissure in the Storm Coast mountains, granting direct access from the surface to the threatened region underground. Constructing a mining lift at the fissure site will permit the Inquisition to transport forces directly to where darkspawn fighting is fiercest.

[edit] Advisor Suggestions

Connections - Post Cost: 16

Orzammar has the experts we need to build such a lift. At your discretion, I can hire a team of their best construction workers right away.

Secrets - Power Cost: 16

I know where to find people who can build a mining lift quickly and safely.

Power - Power Cost: 16

We need to moved quickly to contain them. I'll dispatch my people to the Storm Coast at once.

[edit] Results

A construction team arrived in the Storm Coast mountains and set up a mining lift to transport Inquisition forces from the earthquake fissure's opening down in the Deep Roads.

A report sent by messenger bird:


    The mining lift in the Storm Coast mountains will be finished by the time you get here. Anyone going into the Deep Roads should dress accordingly. Don't skimp on the armor and bring the best weapons in Skyhold's arsenal. I also recommend packing plenty of dry rations -- most things down there will be looking to eat the Inquisition, not the other way around.

    Scout Harding

[edit] Unlocks

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