Elder Tree

The Grand Oak

The Elder Tree (Or sometimes known as the Grand Oak) is a sapient tree that lives within the West Brecilian Forest. He differs somewhat from the other living tress as he seems more hostile toward you and your comrades and notes that the others have been feeling angry recently. For a reason unknown to players he speaks in rhyme, and id the only tree seen to speak. Jokingly he says that he was merged with the soul of a poet. He does however appear to be lonely, this feeling of loneliness and desire for compassion led to a tremendous value he placed upon a single acorn.

He will give you a branch on return of his acorn that was stolen from him, this will allow you access anywhere in the forest and allows you to complete your quest to kill Witherfang and the other werewolves.

[edit] History

Not much is known about the history of this tree except that it is a soul trapped inside. He has lived in the forest long before the arrival of Witherffang and the other werewolves and does not know why the veil has been weakened, he theorises that a great battle has taken place in which many of the participants consequently died.

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