Golem in Honnleath

Golem in Honnleath is the DLC quest to unlock the golem Shale as a party member in Dragon Age. It is a DLC quest that comes with the Deluxe editions of the game or as a separately paid content.

The quest starts in Sulcher's Pass, where a merchant will give you a control rod to a golem. He gives you this rod for free because the golem is located in the southern village of Honnleath, which has been overrun by Darkspawn and is now out of his reach.

After receiving the rod, the Village of Honnleath becomes unlocked on the World Map. When you get to the village you willhave to fight through several groups of Darkspawn, mostly basic Hurlock and Genlock (both archers and warriors). You will discover that the Golem stands in the middle of the village, but are unable to activate it using the keywords given to you by the merchant.

[edit] Wilhelm's Cellar

The quest continues in Wilhelm's Cellar, which will be marked on your area map. Therein you have to defeat more Darkspawn, until you reach a chamber and defeat a Hurlock Emissary. The Emissary battle may cause problems for the unprepared as the Emissary can cast powerful spells including fireball, which can devastate a party.

Once past here, you speak with Matthias - Wilhelm's son. It turns out that the password given to you is wrong, and you must help him find his daughter Analia in order for him to give up the password. You may choose to intimidate him or go rescue his daughter, who has fled into Wilhelm's laboratory. Wilhelm is a powerful mage and has kept Dust spirits as guardians of his laboratory. When you fight through them you encounter "Kitty", a demon trapped in a containment chamber of Wilhelm's design.

[edit] Saving Analia

Saving analia puzzle.jpg

To save Analia (keep her alive) you must do the following:

  1. Persuade the cat that you will help free her.
  2. Solve the puzzle to unlock the ward in the room, as shown in the picture at right.
  3. Tell the cat you never intended to let her live
  4. Kill the demon and her rage demon summons.
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