Kingfisher's Staff

Kingfisher's Staff
Kingfisher's Staff.jpg
Type Unique Staff
Item lvl 23
DPS 123
Damage 76 Cold
Requires Level 21
Restrictions Mage only
Runes Empty Rune
Location Deep Roads - Bastion of the Pure
Value 2573 Coins (Inquisition).png
Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent
Kingfisher's Staff is a unique stave that is available in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

[edit] Description

A mage called The Kingfisher visited the Deep Roads during the Ancient Age, casting lures into underground lakes in hope of hooking the elusive Blind Tetrava. The wily swimmer never took the bait, but the mage's staff has caught many a poor soul in the centuries since.

[edit] Acquisition

[edit] Statistics

  • +72% Barrier Damage Bonus
  • +7% Heal on Kill
  • +20% Focus Gain
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