Maleficar in the East Becilian Forest
Class Mage
Rank(s) Normal
Skills Spells
Cone of Cold, Misdirection Hex, Weakness, Chain Lightning, etc
Location East Brecilian Forest
Quest Thy Brother's Killer
Appearanced Dragon Age: Origins

For she said to us, "Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him." Therefore I say to you, they who work magic which dominates the minds and hearts of others, they have trangressed the Maker's law.

- The Sermons of Justinia I

The Maleficarum (or Maleficar) is a mage who uses the forbidden arts which include the use of Blood Magic, however it is not restricted to just that form. They are not members of the Circle of Magi, thus not under the power of the Chatry and by extention, the Order of Templars. In bucking the circle, the mages that become outcasted usually practise the illegal in order to stay alive. This is common enough to cause any Templar to believe that a Maleficar is an Apostate and vice versa, causing a blur between the line dividing the two.

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