Party Camp

[edit] NPCs:

  • Bodahn - Merchant
  • Sandal - Bodahn's son and Enchanter for your weapons
  • Representatives from Dalish, Dwarves, Arl Eamon, and Circle Magi.

[edit] Supply Crates

Crafting Materials for Dalish

  • Elfroots
  • Deathroots
  • Deep Mushrooms
  • Metal Shards

Precious Gems for Dwarves:

The Dwarves are looking for mid level precious gems ("middle stones") such as:

  • Sapphires
  • Malachites
  • Amethysts
  • Topazes

Coins for Arl Eamon's Men

Runes for Circle Mages

The circle mages need any and all runes you give them.

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