Shaper Valta.png
Race Dwarf
Gender Female
Title Shaper
Affiliation Shaperate
Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition: The Descent
Valta is a character that appears in The Descent downloadable content for Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is a temporary companion that joins your party to show you to the Storm Coast Fissure after you leave the lift, leaving Scout Harding behind.


[edit] History

As a child Valta had a passion for History and would often drag her father to the Shaperate to read the books in their library, and much like other members of the Shaperate had a keen sense of the stone, even from an early age.

During her time with the Shapers, Valta was tasked with etching Memories in to lyrium. Three years before the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition she was asked to remove information from some of the memories in the Shaperate's archive, but refused to tamper with an official record. This lost her her position and instead was demoted and sent to do fieldwork in the Deep Roads. While she was performing her field work for the shaperate, her security were the Legion of the Dead, where she met and became good friends with their lieutenant, Renn. Valta cares deeply about Renn, when the food riots started in Orzammer she made sure that his family remained safe. Since parting ways with her father on difficult terms, she hasn't returned to the Dwarven city of Orzammer, although does occasionally recieve updates.

A year prior to the events of The Descent, Valta found a text containing information on Titans that predates even the First Blight, albeit only a children's tale. Eager to help stop the tremors plaguing the Deep Roads, she joins the Inquisition task force to find the source and stop them.

[edit] Involvement

With her stone sense, Valta guides the Inquisition through the Deep Roads and natural caves to find the source of the tremors. Upon the meeting with the Sha-Brytol, and the death of Renn at their hands, she is noticably upset and shaken. During the battle with the Guardian, she is hit with raw lyrium. After being struck with the raw lyrium she says that the song of the stone is too loud and pleads for it to stop, after which she strikes the Inquisitor with a burst of force. If the Inquisition has the Arcane Knowledge perk, it is quickly deemed magical in origin, which makes her the first Dwarf in history to be able to use magic. Once the Guardian is defeated she ensures the Inquisitor that the song in her head has calmed. She explains the titan recognised her as their 'child' and connected with her, which made her pure. Valta insists on remaining in the Wellspring and opts not to return to the Deep Roads with the Inquisition and asks them to pass on the message that they "don't know what happened" to Valta.

On returning to Skyhold, three pages from Valta's journal can be found scattered around the fortress, but as to how they got there remains a mystery. She explains her feelings as she was struck with the raw lyrium, and that she "fell into a warm light's embrace", feeling as if she became as one with the stone. The blood of the titan now runs through her and tells the tale of the titans and the dwarven history with the creatures, explaining that "the dwarven race broke in two". Since the Wellspring, she doesn't sleep anymore. She feels empowered, and says that Sha-Brytol both love her and fear her, and deems them a bit lost and misguided. They even tried to offer their armor to her, but refused remembering what they did to Renn.

A cry is heard from above the titan caverns, but when the team is sent to invetigate there is no sign of Valta, and Renn's body has vanished. Also, the entrance to the Wellspring has been sealed off, and any attempts to break through result in broken tools.

[edit] Quests

Inquisition Quest Mark.png The Descent (Quest)

[edit] Codex Entries

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[edit] Valta's Journal

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[edit] Trivia

  • If the Inquisition has Cole in their party when leaving the Wellspring and Valta, he will say "She's singing, sighing, slipping through the silence. She can heal here."
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