War Cry

War Cry
Type Champion
Effect Type Activated
Range Personal
Activation 25
Cooldown 20s
Description The Champion unleases a fearsome cry that gives all nearby enemies a penalty to attacks. With superiority enemies nearby will be knocked over unless they pass a physical resistance check.

War Cry is one of the four talents accessable for the Champion Specialization. It creates a self centred 10 m radius, affecting anything within it's perameter. Any enemies caught in the attack suffer a reduction of 10 in attack for a 20 second period. Coupled with Superiority it can knock down nearby foes if they fail a Physical Resistance Check compared to the user's own strength. It has a conjuration time of only 1s, and it creates an additional 3 threat on a target.

[edit] Trivia

  • Activation is based in Stamina and the value varies depending on the Fatigue percentile.
  • The War Cry penalty doesn't stack with itself.
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